Tips on the Proper Storage of Kratom

Jars can be a perfect place to store Kratom powder. Just make sure to keep the jars in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Regular consumers of Kratom can get more bang for their buck when they buy in bulk. Buying a bigger bag at a time is more practical since most sellers do give bulk discounts. Crucial, though, in ensuring the quality of Kratom products is its storage.

There are ways to ensure the freshness of Kratom, regardless of its form. Powdered Kratom, Dried Leaves, and other Kratom By-Products are much better when stored appropriately. Here are some tips on how to properly store Kratom.

How to Store Kratom to Maintain Freshness

To keep Kratom from degrading, it is best to follow the tips below:

1. Keep Kratom in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing Kratom under direct sunlight or in moist areas and spaces. Such an environment can degrade the quality of Kratom, whatever form it may be.

2. Separate the everyday container with the bulk items. When buying Kratom in bulk, it is a good idea to separate a portion that will have to be opened daily, and a bulk container that will be kept sealed for long periods of storage. It is best to use a vacuum-sealed hard plastic or glass container for the daily Kratom consumption storage. The bulk products, on the other hand, are best stored in their original packaging, and then in a clean, dry, and cool place. Other bulk buyers store it in hard plastic boxes and then in a dark, cold room to protect it from vermin if there are any around the home.

3. Keep away from the sun. The heat and sunlight can affect the freshness levels of Kratom. Kratom packages and containers should be kept in the dark and cold places, such as a closet pantry.

4. Avoid exposing it in the air when not in use. Unless it is about to be consumed, Kratom powder should not be exposed to air. The air can oxidize the minerals and vitamins that can be found in this plant-based supplement. Prolonged exposure can make it stale too. It is best to pack for weekly use so that the bulk container would not be exposed to air daily.

5. Invest in vacuum-sealed food-grade containers and high-quality Ziploc bags. These vacuum-sealed containers help Kratom stay fresh, whether at home or on the go. Choose BPA-free, vacuum-tight packaging since this prevents moisture and oxidation from affecting the Kratom powder.

6. Avoid humidity at all costs. If need be, Kratom can be stored in a small freezer for a prolonged period. Just make sure that the package is double bagged, and if possible, contained further in a hard plastic vacuum-sealed container like a Tupperware to avoid odor mixing.

How Long can Kratom be Stored?

When appropriately stored, Kratom powder can last fresh up to a year. Some consumers report that the quality degrades after a year, even if they have been packed and stored well. So when buying in bulk, keep ten-month maximum storage in mind so that the Kratom will stay fresh, and all of its wellness attributes are retained.

Kratom capsules, on the other hand, last relatively longer, much like other plant-based supplements in capsule form. These capsules have to be stored in appropriate jars, or vacuum-sealed containers away from moisture and direct sunlight. It should also not be exposed to air to avoid oxidation.

Ways to Consume Kratom Powder

There are various ways to consume Kratom powder. Some take powdered Kratom by itself and swish it around their mouth, chasing it down with water. Some choose to incorporate it with their hot or cold beverage. Imagine having coffee, tea, protein shake, or vegetable smoothie with Kratom? Healthy and delicious, right? Some use it with their daily cooking, mixed up with their portion of food or meal. Whatever way a consumer chooses, it is best to find out the right and effective dose so as not to waste Kratom away. It is highly effective in healing various illnesses and helps in boosting energy levels even at lower doses. The only way to find out is to start at the lowest possible dose, observe the body’s reaction, and adjust accordingly.