How to Use Kratom Powder for Tea

Kratom Powder is very versatile. It can be used in various beverages and food. It can be an ingredient to any food or drink item such that it could be added to an enjoyable afternoon treat like tea.

There are many ways to enjoy Kratom Tea.

But how can Kratom be used for tea? Tea usually conjures up images of crushed dried leaves that are bagged in either cloth or paper teabags. Either way, it is generally from dried leaves that are immersed and steeped in hot water.

Kratom leaves are a good source of tea. Not everyone, though, would have the resource to boil fresh leaves and make it into a healthy beverage that keeps energy levels up, and illnesses at bay. Dried leaves made into a tea can be hard to source as well, especially in areas where Kratom is not indigenous. IN the United States, for instance, Kratom usually is available in powdered form. Powdered Kratom, fortunately, can be used to make tea.

What types of tea can be made using Kratom powder?

There is a substantial number of tea drinks that can be made using Kratom powder. And just like any powder concentrate made into tea, all a person has to do is to add the powdered Kratom to hot water, and they already have Kratom Tea. A squeeze of lemon or a teaspoon of honey can be added to make the taste more pleasant.

Hot or Cold?

Kratom tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. Like any other tea-based beverage, it can be taken at any time of the day. And because it is in powdered form, it can be enjoyed right away — no more steeping time or waiting for at least 10 minutes. Kratom Tea is an instant tea.

As for cold or iced Kratom tea, just refrigerated the hot Kratom tea, or add it to a glass that is full of ice cubes. Add a slice of lemon or a spoonful of honey or preferred sweetener. Some choose low calories sweeteners, some like honey, while others prefer agave, stevia, or other more natural forms of low-calorie sugar.

Kratom Tea Recipes

Kratom users who love to consume it as tea can have various kinds of Kratom tea. Below are some recipes for Kratom-based tea drinks:

1. Basic Kratom Tea. Add the desired amount of Kratom powder into hot water. Add honey or any sugar substitute plus a squeeze of lemon if desired.

2. Iced Kratom Tea. Add basic hot tea to a glass filled with ice cubes. Add a slice of lemon, and even more sweetener if so desired.

3. Kratom Tea Infusion. Kratom powder can also be added to other brews for maximum flavor, healing power, and enjoyment. Add kratom powder to green tea, Ceylon tea, oolong tea, earl grey tea, jasmine tea, chamomile tea, or any preferred tea brew. Add sweetener as desired. Serve hot or cold.

4. Kratom Chai Tea. Add the desired type of milk to basic Kratom tea and serve hot or cold. Some prefer full cream milk, others skim or low-fat milk. Some people also prefer plant-based milk such as almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or macadamia milk.

5. Kratom Chai Tea Infusion. Kratom Chai Tea Infusion is taking basic kratom tea, adding another form of tea – usually a flower-based tea-like hibiscus, cherry blossom, jasmine or chamomile, then adding the desired type of milk. This is generally enjoyed hot, but it can also be very refreshing to drink cold.

6. Fruity Kratom Tea. Nothing can be more refreshing than adding Kratom powder to any fruit-based tea. Examples of fruit-based teas that Kratom would be great to infuse with include lemon tea, lychee tea, strawberry tea, and even mango tea. Best served hot or cold. Some people add toppings like tapioca or boba, or even jellies to make it all the more enjoyable.

7. Fruity Kratom Chai Tea. Dessert tea, anyone? Fruity Kratom Chai Tea is any fruit-based tea incorporated with kratom powder, plus the preferred type of milk and sweetener. This chai tea variant will be the perfect dessert tea eaten with sweets or drank on its own. Add some tapioca pearls, Jell-O cubes, palm nut, or even sweetened beans, and this Kratom Tea will scream “tropical” just as quickly.

Kratom is indeed a very versatile plant-based supplement that can be enjoyed as a tea, anytime, any day.