Sustainable Cleveland Partnership

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The Sustainable Cleveland Partnership (SCP) program is a local initiative in neighborhood-based environmental protection for low-income and/or minority communities. In the framework of environmental justice, sustainable development, and pollution prevention, SCP training workshops (more than 25 held to date) have included such modules as the right-to-know laws, environmental risk regulation and reduction, environmental audits of specific neighborhoods, Title V air permit program, and more. SCP organizes tours of industrial parks, participates in public hearings and media events, leads citizen campaigns on pollution prevention for large stationary sources, and builds capacity in a variety of minority constituent groups including citizens’ councils, street and block clubs, community centers and development associations, and schools and churches.

SCP partners include the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County Planning Commission, Environmental Defense, Earth Day Coalition, Environmental Health Watch, Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Forum, Lee Seville Miles Citizens Council, Cleveland State University’s College of Urban Affairs, Neighborhood Centers Association, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, St. Clair Superior Neighborhood Development Association, Unites States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 (Cleveland and Chicago offices), and The Spanish American Committee.

SCP was awarded Renew America’s Certificate of Environmental Achievement and invited to the National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America sponsored by the President’s Council on Sustainable Development


Neighborhood organizations begin their pollution prevention planning.