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Community Service Projects:
• Garret Morgan High School composted almost 1,000 pounds of cafeteria food scrapes and started a school vegetable garden. Students composted food from EarthFest’s VEP area and I.E.F.E for the first year. Students designed and led ‘WormFest 08’ where they trained community members on vermin-composting, separated out their worms and gave 10 newly trained community members completed worm bins – ready for composting.
• Notre Dame Cathedral Latin made biodiesel from their school’s fryer waste and surveyed the campus for sources of air pollution and diesel usage. Students also attended a vermin-composting workshop at Garret Morgan High School and participated in preparing their garden beds.
• John Hay HS – HS students led an educational day for 40 CMSD elementary students on Dike 14 and Monarch butterflies. Planted additional species and maintained the Sample/educational garden at Dike 14 and designed an educational sign.
• Jane Addams designed a recycling display and started a recycling program at their school
• Rocky River raised money from selling fair trade, recycled goods to support environmental work in the Philippines.
• Max Hayes High School conducted a beach clean up and removed invasive species from Edgewater State Park.
The Student Environmental Congress in support of NOACA's Healthy Air Days reached out to the community to promote Cleaner Air. Students from two Cleveland High Schools, Max Hayes and Lincoln-West as well as from the Home Grown Learners conducted community outreach for clean air in Northeast Ohio.

Home Grown Learners worked to increase participation in NOACA's Northeast Ohio's "No Drive Day". Students designed a pledge sheet and asked their friends and neighbors to take the "No Drive Day" Pledge and keep their cars home on May 17 and walk, bike, carpool or take public transport instead. They also brought Earth Day Coalition's ABEE (Always Breathe Easier) dino to visit the Clean Air outreach events.

Lincoln-West High School's Environmental Club students assisted in conducting energy audits for two house near their school on May 17. The audits will help the home owners find the best ways to conserve energy, thus reducing air pollution. ABEE visited themas well.

Students from Max Hayes High School headed down to Lake Erie to hear a presentation from their classmates on air pollution and its effect on our Great Lake. After learning about and experiencing the beauty and value of Lake Erie, each student was asked to think about their contribution to air pollution and to pledge to do one thing to help reduce air pollution.

Please contact Student Environmental Congress Director, Dawn Wrench at 216-281-6468 X225 for more information.